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Astrology Debunked

By Emily Jenson

         Newspaper horoscope articles, psychics with star charts and gypsies with crystal balls have all been a source of guidance and advice to mankind for centuries. Why is this? Why are humans so obsessed astrology? For many, the notion of being ‘connected to the cosmos’ means that the stars are affecting every aspect of their lives. This is useful because no one will ever know what their future will hold. Astrology has been a source of reassurance and solace, due to the fact that human nature seeks answers and validation of the future.

              Daily horoscopes offer more detailed and specific directions for their reader. For example, A daily Gemini horoscope published on  says, “Attend to your home today and take care of chores. Clean the floor, do laundry. Make lists and stick to them.” Although this offers no information about the future, it gives the reader guidance and structure for day to day life. An aquarius horoscope for the same day says “ Touch down and deal with practical issues that you normally avoid.” Both horoscopes provide productive and sensible advice anyone could take. It’s noteworthy that these horoscopes have nothing to do with predictions about the future, they only give day by day instructions. People gravitate to this kind of advice because it’s easier to accept advice from a higher power than it is to make decisions for themselves.

            Astrology not only tells the reader what their day will bring, but your personality and being entirely. The positions of the planets and stars when you were born apparently describes their entire existence perfectly. People accept what they read about themselves because although not always accurate, the personality horoscopes always have a flattering element in them. In a rising star sign calculator ( ) the nature of the described is as follows “, you come across as sentimental, charming, polite, delicate, refined, loyal, peace-loving, fair, distinguished, light, romantic, cultured, airy, likeable, neat, perfectionist, caring, gentle, quiet, tidy, artistic, tolerant, lenient, sociable, seductive, elegant, kind, with a taste for aesthetics. “  Its interesting that someone can come across as all of these qualities at once. it is also noteworthy that none of these traits are negative ones. this goes to show that astrology is only interested in flattery and positive advice that will keep believers believing. Not many people would stick with a belief system that insults them directly.

         In the world of astrology, the ‘return of saturn’ has long been known as the return of unfortunate events. Supposedly, after about 29.5 years the planet saturn returns to the position it was in the day someone was born. Some go by this calculation, while others focus on the waning and waxing return of saturn, which happens every seven years. The entire point of the saturn return is supposed to bring bad luck and unfortunate times. Some say the full return of saturn, which happens in the late twenties, is a ‘wake up call’. about.coms article on astrology states  “The Saturn Return is a wake-up call, and this is why so many fear it’s sobering realities.” Why is this important to people? Since the mid twenties are supposedly the best years of your life (most likely spent partying in college) its sensible and realistic to have a ‘growin up’ period in which realization of adulthood is finally happening. Its easier to grow up and act like an adult if the stars tell you to. Especially if an impending doom of the return of a planet light years away is a threat.

              From tarot cards to daily horoscopes, it is human nature to seek guidance and solace in a higher power. Not unlike any religion, astrology gives the hope and comfort of unknown aspects of life and death. It provides advice and validation. Why? Why do we focus so much on celestial forces controlling our lives? Its the easy way out. Its easier to make life decisions that are mass made for everyone splayed out in newspapers for everyone to see.

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